February 28, 2020
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The Age of Black Magic: Step Fourteen

The Invocation of the Abomination in Crimson:

This venture of mine was © January fifth 2010, together with a number of “lighter” variations. It’s a malefic petition invoking the stellar hierarchy of Algol, with a viable talisman of Algol used as an initiatory token to name upon forces of wrath and punishment upon an enemy.
I wrote this a very long time in the past, and whereas my present relationship with the hierarchy of Algol is targeted upon therapeutic (and its virtues as a therapeutic star co-ruled by Jupiter are wildly underestimated), I definitely assume it is likely one of the most potent weapons within the SIM practitioner’s arsenal.
When it’s time to indicate no mercy, it’s time for The Abomination In Crimson.
“O mighty star Algol, I name to you by all of your names: flickering Beta Persei, bloody Ras Al Ghul, blinking Rosh ha’Sautaun, horrible Gorgoneion, grisly Fifth Star of the Mausoleum, feared Tseih She: attune this talisman unto me and me unto it, in order that I shall plumb all its mysteries, secrets and techniques, and knowledge, and grasp its full and excellent powers, wonders, and miracles, now and eternally, whether or not I put on it or not, from now till the tip of time.
“Might your mild and spirit dwell inside it and dwell inside me, for me to immediately command.
“Nice and highly effective star, make your angels, dæmons, and spirits of each form topic unto me, obedient unto my each will, command and need. You obediently and piously serve the One Most Excessive, and by His command is your service invoked at this hour.
“So hear my phrases:
“I kneel earlier than you and search your favor and patronage; for the few in whom you discover favor are saved, uplifted, preserved, and avenged; and all these in whom you discover disfavor are swiftly devastated and punished.
“It’s stated that he who carries your talisman, your emblem of favor, vessel of your spirit and radiant mild, is given the supreme energy of safety and retaliation, so that each one those that search to hurt him are thwarted completely; and their machinations, treachery, calumnies, theft, torments, incantations, sendings, witchcraft, bindings, curses, flame, poisons, blades, darts, stones, bludgeons or bullets will all alike flip again upon them and destroy them as they sought to destroy him. Savage star, grant unto me your succor and liberation.
“Might their malice mirror upon them as excellently as the proper mirror displays mild. ‘Their sword shall enter into their very own coronary heart, and their bows shall be damaged.’ I now ask that you just amplify this energy in order that they’re swiftly obliterated by their smug units, and examples be fabricated from them all the time. Seize them along with your sharp tooth, and by no means allow them to go. Heap multitudes of tortures upon them, and smite them cruelly with a deadly stroke.
“Dismember and mutilate their corpses, and trigger their stays to be polluted, desecrated, and shamed. Their mud and ash shall be blown to the 4 corners of the earth, till nothing of my foes stay however ugly tales of warning.
“Multiply their spirits’ torments within the lands beneath, too. The depraved can’t escape your gaze; not even in dying shall they be spared.
“You pitiless eye of revenge– stare ever deeply upon them.
“Mirror of enmity, I humbly beg that you just grant me this energy in order that I shall be like the gorgeous diamond; indestructible, reflective, luminous, and with edges ever sharp. Make me just like the toxic black hellebore; bringer of agony and dying to those that would mistake it innocent. Might I be extra sturdy than mountain stone, but supple because the lethal serpent.
“Leering visage, additionally grant me the virtues of invigorating mugwort; guarded in opposition to peril, safe in journey, vigilant, passionate, daring and fast.
“It’s stated that he who carries your talisman fears no damage to his members, for you retain them complete and secure from hurt.
“Your talisman bestows success in petitions and requests made to princes, bosses, leaders, patrons, and any who’ve energy over him; in order that they shall rapidly grant no matter it’s that he asks.
“It bestows the wearer braveness, vitality, and magnanimity.
“It grants victory in no matter contests or struggles to which he makes an attempt, by way of battle, gaming, sorcery, or some other factor. For with you, invincible star of destruction, your favored one is daring and mighty, and (topic to the desire of the One Most Excessive) nothing in any respect beneath you possibly can lengthy impede his path.
“I urge that you just additionally grant me all of those powers to their fullest perfection, and the knowledge to understand how and when to make use of them.
“O slaughter star, eidolon of horror, eater of the useless, slayer of males, blinking eye of terror and blight, decapitator star, render of flesh, beacon of the tombs, depopulator of civilizations, ever-hungry star, savage patron of monsters, horrible mild of doom, implacable bringer of destroy, father of devastation, flame of oblivion, lord of direst woe, luminous face of hate, gore-drinker, you whose gaze upon the waters turns it to poison, strangler star, mighty head of the adversary, hear my prayer and rend my enemies aside, moisten the earth with rivers of their spilt blood. Rejoice within the deaths of males.
“Grant me a portion of all of your powers for I search to be your [vassal, student, son/beloved/bridegroom, and] priest, and will I be a refraction of your invincible, horrible, and everlasting mild.
“Most supreme executioner within the celestial realms, you neck severer, invincible head taker, nice hacker of limbs and seizer of life, man flayer, bone breaker, marrow sucker, gorger on entrails, corpse candle, coronary heart gnawer, ruddy lamp of banes, you whose dripping blood sows vipers, blazing star of homicide, torch of the piled up our bodies, thirsty blade of vengeance, glint of annihilation, abomination in crimson, watchful dæmon of the void, historical monster of monsters, you fierce exterminating angel, defender and avenger most puissant to your favored few, please discover favor in me and settle for my prayer, and go now and ship forth your grisly throng and deadly glare to hunt out my enemies wherever they could be discovered, and pierce their hearts along with your horrible crimson rays and make them quake and fall, kill them wherever they could cover, set your gaze upon them in harsh judgement and spare them no pity in any respect.
“Might plagues just like the ten of Egypt be at my ten fingertips to command and to curse them with each type of struggling and dying, and will my fingers throttle the throats of my enemies, and will I tear their heads off with these fingers to exhibit your energy and fury, and forged their damaged our bodies down into chilly and leaden dying, and will I place their bloody heads on pikes on the gates of the cities in sacrifice and tribute to you, so that each one could know of your energy, and the results of incurring your horrible wrath.
“Burn thy seal upon my coronary heart, upon my breast, upon my physique, upon my soul, upon my spirit, upon my deeds, upon my future, upon my wrath, upon my fame, and upon my energy.
“Grant unto to me the best secrets and techniques of deadly magics, the sorceries of the best and most horrible form, irresistible and frightful, so I too shall be often known as a light-weight of annihilation, forevermore.
“Crown and adorn me along with your majesty and gird me along with your safety and arm me along with your many devices of obliteration, and all shall say all through the ages that those that have been set in opposition to me have been destroyed by tortures most vile, and that I strode forth to victory upon their tattered corpses, and that I rejoiced amongst their bones. For you’ve gotten made me so, potent and fearsome star Algol.
“Star of supreme misfortune, biggest malefic––
“Go forth as a fiend, however to me be an angel.”
The bracketed textual content relating to initiatory adoption, betrothal, or espousal by Algol and its hierarchy of spirits is just for individuals suitable with this idea, and have been given permission by Algol by way of divination, dream or imaginative and prescient.
Although gender terminology all through is male, it may be adjusted as acceptable.
Algol’s appetites are past all limitations.

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