February 23, 2020
Occult & Paranormal

The White Girl Of Haunted Silver Run Tunnel

In 1910 an engineer on the B&O line exterior of Cairo, WV was horrified to see a girl in white with lengthy black hair standing on the tracks on the entrance to the Silver Run Tunnel.He tried to cease the prepare however not earlier than hitting her. Looking out the tracks, the shaken railroad employee was mystified by the absence of a physique.Subscribe our new Youtube channel To get newest paranormal movies, ghost tales and the whole lot odd and weird.After this incident was repeated on subsequent runs, phrase of the haunted tunnel reached B&O officers and the person was transferred to a different line.When his alternative began making the identical claims he was informed to maintain quiet or lose his job. The angered engineer vowed that the following time he noticed her, as an alternative of coming to a cease, he would proceed on at full velocity and run the apparition down – and that’s precisely what he did when she appeared on the tracks a number of nights later.As he was pulling into his closing cease that night time there was an excited crowd ready and the engineer started to panic, fearing he had truly struck and killed a dwelling individual.He shortly jumped from the prepare and was relieved to seek out no indicators of carnage. Then, as his fears subsided, he started to register what the excited group had been saying and a deep chill overcame him.The rationale the group had gathered was that a number of telegraphs from cities in between Cairo and Parkersburg reported that because the locomotive handed a girl in white had been noticed, tangled within the prepare’s cowcatcher. The person instantly requested a switch, which was granted with no questions requested.Rumors of the ghostly younger girl started to unfold and different engineers alongside the monitor started to see her. Trains slowed close to the Silver Run Tunnel #19 to keep away from her, many almost wrecking to maintain from hitting her.A stalwart Irishman by the identify of O’Flannery scoffed on the ghost tales. However it will not be lengthy earlier than she got here to him alongside the tracks on a cool autumn night time, disappearing into the fog.After he stopped the prepare and searched round, O’Flannery vowed that if he noticed her whereas driving the prepare once more, there was no method he would gradual his run down. He would merely not cease. As a substitute, O’Flannery would barrel proper by her.And one night time, Engineer O’Flannery did. Alongside his run, the ghostly phantom of Silver Run Tunnel #19 confirmed herself on the entrance to the tunnel. Simply as he promised, O’Flannery drove the prepare proper by the girl. He watched in awe as she screamed and flew into the air.Upon investigation, it was revealed that 25 years earlier a girl becoming the ghost’s description had gone lacking alongside this line on her approach to marry her fiance.Then within the 1940s the skeleton of a girl with lengthy darkish hair and a white gown was found hidden within the wall of an deserted home close to the tunnel. It was buried within the cemetery close by and for transient time sightings of the woman in white stopped.Her id and assassin stay a thriller to this present day and people who stay close by nonetheless declare to see her now and again wandering by the Silver Run Tunnel.You possibly can attempt to see and listen to her too. Tunnel is about an hour and forty minutes from the Hocking Hills or 35 minutes from Parkersburg. The previous prepare monitor is a part of West Virginia’s Northbend Rails for Trails. Take flashlights, the tunnel is absolutely lengthy and really darkish.

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