February 27, 2020
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Ape Canyon’s Weird 1924 Bigfoot Assault

Fred Beck, veteran of America’s most horrific Bigfoot battle
So far as I can inform, Washington’s Ape Canyon is a gorge on Mount St. Helens that’s neither formed like an ape nor inhabited by one. The odd title comes from an incident reported in July 1924, when 5 miners claimed that they had been attacked by a bunch of apemen. The story goes {that a} member of the mining celebration, a person named Fred Beck, took a shot at one of many creatures after being spooked. Later that evening, the monsters appeared on the miners’ cabin, tossing boulders and dashing the door to interrupt it down.
In response to The Oregonian, the primary paper to interrupt the story, the apemen had been coated in lengthy black hair. They stood at 7 ft, weighed over 400 kilos, and possessed nice power. At one level, they made a gap within the cabin’s roof and dropped a rock inside, knocking Beck within the head. Regardless of the apemen’s mastery of rock-throwing, the gun-toting miners had been in a position to maintain their floor. By the morning, the creatures had retreated, permitting Beck and the opposite people to expire the log-fort and return to civilization.
Sure, the miners’ story was possible only a campfire yarn, however how may newspapers resist a showdown between large apes and gold prospectors? At a time when the phrase “Bigfoot” hadn’t been coined but, individuals referred to the miners’ violent apemen as “mountain devils” and “gorillas.” As phrase of the ambush unfold, the story additionally turned more and more outlandish. A skeptical point out within the Engineering and Mining Journal put the variety of combatants concerned at “greater than twenty animals,” whereas one Native American editor tied the apemen to the Seeahtik, a legendary tribe who used hypnotism to hunt for his or her recreation.
Though the Washington media’s curiosity within the Bigfoot assault ultimately light, the gorge the place it occurred was christened “Ape Canyon,” guaranteeing that the battle remained part of native folklore. After the fashionable conception of Sasquatch took off within the late 1950s, researchers like journalist Betty Allen rediscovered the Ape Canyon incident and integrated it into Bigfoot mythology. In all probability inspired by this new Bigfoot mania, Fred Beck sat down together with his son Roland to create a memoir of the failed 1924 siege, titling his 1967 booklet “I Fought the Ape Males of Mt. St. Helens.”
Regardless of the lengthy passage of time, Beck remembered the best Bigfoot brawl of the century moderately properly. Earlier than that fateful day in July, Beck and the opposite miners had already come throughout giant, unfamiliar tracks. The week of the incident, they heard whistling exterior each night, as if two creatures had been making an attempt to speak with each other. Throughout his description of the assault within the booklet’s first chapter, Beck clarifies a pair particulars that had been misreported within the press. It was truly his pal “Hank” (a pseudonym) who shot the primary apeman, for instance, and it wasn’t true that Beck was hit within the head by a rock.
At most, Beck and his mining celebration noticed solely three apemen at a time, though there may need been extra. When issues quieted down within the morning, the miners got here out of their cabin, and Beck noticed one of many creatures standing close to a cliff. He shot it thrice, sending the rattling soiled ape over the sting, all the way down to a fall that was 4 hundred ft under. After fleeing to a park ranger station at Spirit Lake, Beck needed to maintain the entire ordeal a secret, however “Hank” couldn’t maintain his mouth shut. The story unfold, journalists requested interviews, and curiosity-seekers and regulation officers scoured the world for indicators of the attackers.
Within the second chapter of the booklet, Beck reprints a 1964 information article concerning the Mt. St. Helen apemen, mentioning his personal incident and the 1950 disappearance of a skier on the mountain. Additional on, he admits to having been clairvoyant since childhood, noting a historical past of “visions” and “religious conferences.” As a result of a psychic aspect simply wasn’t sufficient, Beck utterly twists his story and speculates that the apemen had been beings from a decrease airplane of existence. As a misplaced hyperlink between people and their ancestors, the apemen typically manifested into our personal dimension, anxious to ascend their petty state. They’re curious, largely innocent critters, and are solely looking for a better consciousness.
This religious gobbledygook, though not fully unwelcome for leisure functions, is fully absent from the unique ’20s reportage. There’s been debate over how a lot affect Roland had on his father’s written account, and even whether or not Fred Beck may keep in mind the story as precisely as he thought he did. When it comes to extra sensible options, a logger named Rant Mullins admitted in 1982 that he rolled rocks onto a cabin within the Mt. St. Helen space in 1924. Mullins had additionally faked large footprints for many years, suggesting he was liable for one other vital a part of Beck’s “ambush.”
One other idea argues that the miners mistook a rock slide that hit their cabin for the monsters, and but a 3rd maintains that the assailants had been youngsters from a neighborhood YMCA, who couldn’t be seen clearly because of the time of evening. As for the Bigfoot that Beck shot and despatched down into oblivion, this was both the case of an overactive creativeness, or the brutal assassination of an harmless apeman trying to succeed in a better consciousness. Personally, I don’t consider in Sasquatch or its cousins, so I’m going to go for the previous rationalization.
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