February 27, 2020

The Magnificent Fact of Why We Are Right here

Jeff Road, Contributor
Waking Instances

When Michael Becker of NewEarthKnowledge.com requested me to share my ideas in regards to the query of “Why are we right here?“ for his upcoming eBook, I assumed he meant “why are we right here having this Human Expertise on Earth.”  Which in my thoughts boils right down to, what’s the aim and which means of all of this, if any.  Is there some extent to it?

I used to be sort of amused once I obtained his invitation as a result of this subject is among the very first that I wrote about once I began this weblog again in early 2015.  That article is fairly dated now as a result of my understanding of the better actuality has developed since then.  Therefore, I’m delighted to have the chance to put in writing about this topic once more.

A Multifaceted Reply

The query of Why are we right here?” doesn’t have a singular reply.  Like most of the topics in religious metaphysics, the reply is multi-layered and multifaceted.  I’m solely going to debate this query from two very distinct factors of view, however there are actually others.  But, I feel the 2 I’ve chosen are most likely probably the most related and important.  However earlier than we dive into that, let’s take a fast take a look at what folks all through the ages have thought of this subject.

The Which means and Objective of Life?

Some imagine that we’re right here by happenstance.  That life arose within the universe by a protracted means of random probability and therefore there is no such thing as a actual which means or function to any of it — it simply is.  And this perspective is okay as a result of we are able to at all times select our personal function.  We are able to determine for ourselves why we’re right here and proceed accordingly.  There’s nothing unsuitable with that.

However is it potential that there’s a deeper which means to all of this? Is it potential that there’s one thing else occurring behind the scenes? From our superficial observations of our world and our universe, it actually looks as if what we’re seeing is all there’s.  If there’s one thing larger occurring, it isn’t readily obvious.  So, I feel it’s completely cheap to determine that what we see is all that’s.  And that it arose merely by advantage of the bodily legal guidelines and isn’t by design, and therefore doesn’t have any inherent function or which means.

But many individuals imagine there’s something larger occurring and that all of it has a profound function.  And when you examine the traditional cultures of the world, you’ll discover that the majority of them shared this perception.  And though I’ve been an atheist for many of my life, I’ve now come to imagine that there’s certainly one thing occurring behind the scenes and that it undoubtedly has a profound function.  I’ve additionally come to imagine that this larger function has a direct relationship to why we’re right here having a human expertise.  The human expertise just isn’t an accident — it’s by design.

To grasp the aim of the human expertise and the aim of every soul’s journey by means of these experiences, you’ll want to know the larger image.  So, let’s begin there.

Exploring The Greater Image

First off, let’s reframe the unique query within the broader context.  The query “why are we right here?” then turns into — why did Supply determine to create our actuality?  And why is it taking part in all of the elements within the recreation?  Do you know that Supply is taking part in all of the elements in all of the realities it has created?  Sure, no less than not directly it’s, however that’s one other subject (try The Multidimensional Self to study extra about that).

This is among the massive esoteric secrets and techniques of existence.  Each single soul taking part in a personality on this recreation (or every other recreation) is a bit or a part of supply consciousness!  We’re all Supply — finally, there is just one taking part in this recreation.  And this isn’t the one recreation it (we) created — it (we) are taking part in many characters in lots of video games!

So why is it doing this?  Why is it creating multitudes of realities and worlds after which diving in and taking part in inside them? The reply to this query is each easy and considerably shocking — there’s nothing else to do!

Let me clarify.  And to clarify this adequately, I’m going to need to evaluation the last word nature of actuality and existence.

The Floor of Existence

On the very floor of existence is an intelligence that presides over a area of vitality/info. This intelligence has been referred to by many names, however I want the time period “Supply Consciousness.” This area of vitality/info that this intelligence presides over, we might check with because the Supply Subject and Supply Power. Supply vitality is the stuff that’s molded into worlds, into universes, and into the our bodies of the avatars that we use to signify ourselves when taking part in inside these worlds. And naturally, Supply Consciousness is the intelligence doing the molding. That’s why Supply is sometimes called “The Creator!”

The Solely Recreation in City

However why does it create worlds? It creates them so it might probably have experiences inside them! However what’s the purpose of that? For one factor, having “bodily” experiences drives the enlargement and evolution of its consciousness! For one more factor, it’s the one recreation on the town. Supply is pure consciousness, formless, and non-physical. And though we are saying that the Supply area is vitality, it’s basically info. In impact, Supply is an clever and conscious info system! And as such, it might probably solely learn, course of, retailer, and talk info between its elements! Natively It will possibly “suppose” however not a lot else. Except in fact, it invents a approach to have experiences apart from that, which it did — the creation of “Realities.” Which allowed it to expertise itself as individualized “bodily” beings inside so-called “bodily” worlds.

The Digital Nature of Actuality

And the actually enjoyable half is that on this actuality we’ve fastidiously hidden each of those details from ourselves (try Developing the Separation Recreation to study extra about that) to make it a extra immersive and thrilling recreation! That’s why it’s possible you’ll be shocked and greater than slightly skeptical of my assertions. However as exhausting because it is perhaps to imagine, Supply consciousness is creating and taking part in many digital actuality video games — and it’s doing it by means of us! Wholly crap! That’s unimaginable!

And right here’s the deal, it seems that “digital” experiences are simply pretty much as good as “actual” experiences. The experiences are actual even when the worlds you’re having them in are usually not. All that issues is that these experiences are formative to consciousness — which they most undoubtedly are. And by “formative to consciousness,” I imply they drive the enlargement and evolution of consciousness, which is the entire level — as a result of finally there’s nothing however consciousness!

The One is the Many, and the Many Are the One

And the superb factor is that WE (all of us) are individualized items and elements of this consciousness — of supply consciousness. How is that this potential you would possibly ask? Regardless that Supply consciousness is the one and solely consciousness in existence, it isn’t monolithic. If it have been, none of us would exist. Supply consciousness is a composite, a multiplex; a community. It has many nodes of consciousness which can be all related collectively into one bigger consciousness. And sure, we (our consciousness) are all these nodes.

Supply consciousness can subdivide itself into as many individualized nodes of consciousness because it likes. Which permits it to do many issues directly — together with designing and producing multitudes of digital realities and taking part in all of the elements in them!

The nodes of consciousness that dedicate themselves to taking part in elements within the so-called “bodily” realities have been known as Souls. Souls are elements of Supply which can be many ranges of subdivision faraway from the basis of the supply consciousness system.

With our evaluation of the massive image full we are able to now discover the query of “why are we right here” from the angle of the soul.

The Journey of Souls

The whole lot a soul experiences, whereas taking part in elements in numerous realities, contributes not solely to its personal studying and development, however to that of Supply as a complete. All expertise, and all information and knowledge derived from that have, trickles up by means of the community of consciousness to the basis node. All of it accumulates on the prime — all of it accumulates in Supply itself.

From the angle of the souls taking part in elements on this actuality, we name it studying, we name it development, however what we’re actually speaking about, is the enlargement and evolution of our consciousness. And since our consciousness is a part of a composite consciousness (that’s, Supply), our enlargement contributes to its enlargement, and our evolution contributes to its evolution.

Therefore, finally, we’re right here to contribute to the enlargement and evolution of supply consciousness. And having experiences inside digital realities does that in a giant approach.

You’re right here to allow the divine function of the Universe to unfold. That’s how necessary you’re!

— Eckhart Tolle, The Energy of Now

The Particular person Souls Journey

But inside this context of our bigger function, each soul has its personal particular causes and function why it performs the sport of being human again and again. Each bit of consciousness, every soul is on an prolonged journey of human experiences, steadily studying, rising, and increasing and evolving its consciousness. It’s like a college with many grades or a recreation with many ranges. And at each step of the best way, it’s selecting the themes it desires to expertise, and the potential classes it desires to study. It’s going by means of a development of studying and development that’s particular to it, however useful to the entire.

The earth recreation and the human expertise (like all realities) are chosen each as a result of it’s enjoyable and attention-grabbing and since it’s formative to our consciousness. In a way, its each an leisure recreation and an academic recreation. So, the soul does need to have enjoyable, however it’s additionally making an attempt to study and develop. And right here’s the factor, what drives studying and development the most effective is problem and adversity. So, keep in mind that, and also you received’t complain a lot — in any case, you probably did join this. The whole lot finally serves a better function. There may be a lot extra I might say in regards to the journey of souls, however for now that is sufficient.

The Backside Line

Supply is increasing and evolving by means of us and our experiences! Supply is accumulating an enormous quantity of expertise and derived information and knowledge by means of this course of that we’re integral elements of.

Finally, we’re Supply, and Supply is us, and we’re actually all one.  That is the magnificent reality of what we’re and why we’re right here!

In regards to the Creator

Jeff Road woke up a few 12 months and a half in the past, after having been an atheist/agnostic scientist kind with completely no religious beliefs for many of his life. After many ‘magical’ new experiences, he’s now obsessed with studying and sharing his insights about spirituality and metaphysics on his weblog www.divine-cosmos.web. You may also comply with Jeff on Fb through www.Fb.com/DivineCosmoz

This text (Transcending the Phantasm of Gentle Versus Darkish) was initially at Divine Cosmos and is posted right here with permission. 

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